2.5-3 hours

Seward to Anchorage Bus Narrated Direct Transfer – Cruise Ship Days


All prices are going up August 1

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Norwegian, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Viking Orion, Seven Seas Mariner, Silversea, Oceania cruise lines

Seward to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer: non-stop bus transfer service, directly from Seward cruise ship terminal to Anchorage Airport.

You don’t have to be a cruise ship passenger to use our services, anyone can take our transfers and tours.

We also offer Anchorage to Seward direct bus transfer option – CLICK HERE


  • Fridays: $69 per person
  • Mondays: $69 per person
  • Wednesdays: $69 per person
  • Thursdays: $69 per person


Bus Departs: Seward cruise ship port

Bus Arrives: Anchorage Airport and hotels


  • Early Morning – available on Fridays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
    • Arrive by 8:15AM for a prompt departure at 8:30AM
  • Late Morning – available on Fridays and Mondays
    • Arrive by 10:15AM for a prompt departure at 10:30AM
  • Afternoon – available on Fridays and Mondays
    • Arrive by 3:15PM for a prompt departure at 3:30PM
    • Arrive by 5:15PM for a prompt departure at 5:30PM

Will I be able to get off the ship on time to make your departure? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for answer to this question.


  • Early Morning – arrives to Anchorage Airport at 11:30AM (no hotel drop offs)
  • Late Morning – arrives to Anchorage Airport at 1:30PM (no hotel drop offs)
  • Afternoon:
    • Arrives to Anchorage Airport at 6:30PM, drops off at hotels until about 7:30PM
    • Arrives to Anchorage Airport at 8:30PM (no hotel drop offs)


Comfortable layered clothing.


Seward to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer includes:
  • Bus picks up directly at the Seward cruise ship terminal
  • Moose Pass (drive by)
  • Turnagain Arm – (drive by) dall sheep, beluga whales
  • Drop off in the largest city in Alaska – Anchorage (if hotel drop off is important to you, please consider our wildlife tour instead of the direct transfer that has lots of hotels on the list)

Why take a train that takes 6 hours for the same distance (train tracks and highway parallel each other most of the way) and does not stop along the way? Don’t waste your time traveling, enjoy Alaska outside!

Seward to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer for cruise ship passengers

  • Bus depart Cruise Ship terminal
  • Moose Pass (drive by)
  • Turnagain Arm – (drive by) dall sheep, beluga whales
  • Drop off in Anchorage

Our Seward to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer 2.5-3 hour shuttle option is the best alternative to get from your cruise ship in Seward to Anchorage airport or hotel. Our direct Seward bus will pick up at the Seward cruise ship terminal, directly at the ship, our friendly drivers/guides will direct you to your bus, where you will be seated in comfort with lots of luggage space in the luggage section.

You will then continue on to the most scenic Seward highway in your direct Seward bus. You will learn about history and surrounding places of interest on you way from Seward to Anchorage in your direct transfer bus. You will then continue traveling to Anchorage to be dropped off at Anchorage Ted Stevens airport, or hotel (NOTE: This discounted bus transfer has limited drop off locations, if your hotel is not on the list, you can get off at the airport and call your hotel for their free airport shuttle and they will come and take you to your hotel directly. If hotel drop off is important to you, please select our wildlife transfer which has many more drop off options). We make your experience while traveling from Seward to Anchorage easy and unforgettable. Reserve your bus transfer from Seward to Anchorage today, receive your confirmation e-mail with travel details and get ready for an unforgettable ride.

This Seward to Anchorage Narrated Direct Bus Transfer is a shared transfer service in our most comfortable coaches with restroom, tinted windows, easy step up (unlike full-size vans that other transfer companies use, you don’t have to bend over or hit your head climbing in and out), air conditioner/heater, large picture-view windows, full size individual bus seats (unlike vans that other transfer companies use, you will have a private seat for yourself and will not be holding somebody else’s bag), full narration.

About Seward Alaska

Seward is the easiest place to find fish and see glaciers. The year-round population is about 2,000, but it can swell to about 30,000 around the popular Fourth of July weekend festivities. The town was named after William Seward, secretary of state under President Andrew Johnson, who engineered the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. His critics around the country were appalled. The United States had spent $7.2 million, they cried, for icebergs, and polar bears. Cartoonists showed Seward amid glaciers and walruses. They claimed the new territory should more aptly be called “Walrussia” or “Seward’s Folly.” Asked at the end of his long and distinguished career about his single greatest achievement, Seward responded, “The purchase of Alaska! But it will take Congress and the American people a generation to find it out.” That original purchase price has been paid back thousands of times over in fur, gold, fish, timber, and oil. Ironically, now tourists come (and pay) to see icebergs, walruses, polar bears, and glaciers.

While you’ll see plenty of ice in Seward, you won’t see walruses or polar bears this far south, unless you come for a strange event the third week of January, known as the Seward Polar Bear Jump-off Festival. When everyone else is wearing parkas and wool hats, strange characters in costumes and capes – all for charity and the theater of the absurd – plunge into the frigid waters of Resurrection Bay and come flying back out. It’s their entry fee to an elite and wacky club, the Polar Bear Club. Resurrection Bay is the best of Seward, an inviting front yard, attracting boaters, birders, kayakers, fisherman, sailors, and whale watchers. Full of glaciers and incredible wildlife, all the western coast of the bay is in Kenai Fjords National Park. Seward is the beginning of the railroad to Fairbanks and Mile 0 on the old historic Seward to Nome gold rush/mail route, today more familiarly known as the Iditarod Trail.

Additional information

DestinationANCHORAGE, AK, Seward, AK


Seward Anchorage Narrated Direct Bus is directly coordinated with the cruise line schedule and place. We will meet you when you are able to get off the ship, will take care of your luggage, and drop you off in Anchorage.

Pick up at the cruise ship terminal (only when the cruise ship is in port):

  • Mondays and Fridays:
    • Early Morning: departs Seward at 8:30AM (arrive to the bus by 8:15AM), drops off at Anchorage Airport at 11:30AM (no hotel drop offs),
    • Late Morning: departs Seward at 10:30AM (arrive to the bus by 10:15AM), drops off at Anchorage Airport at 1:30PM (no hotel drop offs),
    • Afternoon:
      • departs Seward at 3:30PM (arrive to the bus by 3:15PM), drops off at Anchorage Airport at 6:30PM, then drops off at hotels until about 7:30PM
      • departs Seward at 5:30PM (arrive to the bus by 5:15PM), drops off at Anchorage Airport at 8:30PM (no hotel drop offs),
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays:
    • Early Morning: departs Seward at 8:30AM (arrive to the bus by 8:15AM), drops off at Anchorage Airport at 11:30PM and at hotels till about 12:30PM

NOTE: both morning departure times on Mondays and Fridays will work for your cruise ship disembarkation time, selecting one or the other is only based on your personal schedule. It only takes about 5 min to walk off the ship, collect your luggage and get on our bus. It is a very small port with one or two (rarely) cruise ships per day.

Anchorage airport is the first drop off location.

All ships arrive to Seward early morning (5:00AM and 6:00AM) and start disembarkation at 7:30AM. 

Tour Reviews

4.94 based on 53 reviews
May 7, 2017

We used this service from Seward to Anchorage bus. It was an easy and pleasant experience. The scheduled worked great with the ship disembarkation, the buses were ready for us as soon as we got off the ship in Seward. The bus dropped us off at Anchorage airport afterwards. I would use this bus services again.

June 6, 2017

Very interesting narrated trip from Seward to Anchorage
Would definitely recommend this transport method as opposed to the train (which takes much longer anyway). The Seward highway far exceeded my expectations. It really is one of the most scenic road routes I have ever travelled,. Simply breathtaking. Great narrated trip by a young lady who knew the area inside out. USD50 each was an absolute bargain. A bit strange to hear her actually ask for a tip for her and the driver, but hey ho. It was worth an extra 10 definitely.

We made the mistake of staying in Anchorage for the night before flying home. Dont bother – seriously!

Via Tripadvisor

June 15, 2017

Easy and fast.
The driver did a good job on the driver to the airport in Anchorage. He spent time talking about Alaska and the wild life.

Via Tripadvisor

June 18, 2017

Less expensive mode of transportation
Worked great! Very easy! Narrated ride back to anchorage. Def the way to go. Depending on which hotel you’re staying at. They take you to visitors center or to the airport,

Via Tripadvisor

June 26, 2017

Great Service From Seward to Anchorage
The service was outstanding. My wife is in a wheelchair and they accommodated her. They were very easy to find when we got off our boat and moved everything along at a good pace but not rushed. The driver was very cordial and played a prerecorded guided tour. The scenery was unbelievable.

Via Tripadvisor

July 2, 2017

ACT is the best transportation
Ernest was the best driver from Seward to Anchorage. He was very kind, and full of fun trivia, and history about our drive to Anchorage. Sit back relax and let Ernie do the driving.

Via Tripadvisor

July 6, 2017

Comfortable Bus Ride
Alaska Cruise Transportation Bus was comfortable and speedy to the airport. We enjoyed the splendid views.

Via Tripadvisor

July 15, 2017

Great service
I recommend! On schedule, good service and very clean. They picked up in front of the pier, very easy to find.

VIa Tripadvisor

July 15, 2017

Bus transportation was comfortable and Narrator provided interesting information
I enjoyed the bus transfer from Seward Cruise Terminal back to Anchorage Airport using ACT. The driver was helpful with my luggage and our narrator, Sherry, was a lot of fun and told us many interesting facts about Alaska, the salmon, bear, glacier, etc.

Via Tripadvisor

July 22, 2017

Great Way to travel from cruise ship port in Seward to Anchorage Airport.
The guide was funny and had lots of info on the area. We saw so much on the gorgeous drive from Seward to Anchorage, and the stop at the wildlife refuge was perfect.

July 25, 2017

Tight Connection from Cruise to Flight Home – Seward to Anchorage
ACT provided simple straightforward transportation from Seward port to the Anchorage airport. A young guide provided stories about the scenic and recreational sites along the 2.5 hour trip. Even after a week in Alaska, I learned new things about this beautiful state. That was a nice addition to what I thought was going to be a boring bus ride. The bus ride was safe and comfortable, along with very affordable. Booking the trip on line was also very easy including clear directions on getting from the ship to the bus. ACT had friendly folks to meet us at the ship and point us towards the bus.

Via Tripadvisor

July 27, 2017

Excellent service – best price
Good narration, history etc. Easy pick up. Great way to get back to the airport. Bus was clean, had a washroom. Cant beat the price

Via Tripadvisor

July 27, 2017

Transport from Seward,Ak to Anchorage,Ak. August 2017
I found this transportation online. My family of five adults needed transportation from end of cruise in Seward,Ak. to Anchorage,Ak. We took the A.C.T. For $50.00 each a special offer online at the time. A young fellow pointed out sites & we enjoyed his tales. No stopping which is fine for getting there. Easy way to travel & we could store our luggage @airport because we had long wait for flight! Took taxi with 5 adults to Anchorage downtown cost $20.00! I recommend this company!

Via Tripadvisor

July 31, 2017

Transportation from Cruise
On July 24th we took the ACT BIG BUS to Anchorage after disembarking from the Norwegian Sun. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a wonderful driver/narrator we had. Nathan was informative, pleasant and patient with the questions that were directed to him. His driving was beyond reproach and his personality made the trip very enjoyable.

Two hours after being dropped off at our hotel there was a knock on our door. The hotel reception clerk held out a sweater that we had forgotten on the bus saying that the driver had brought it. Wow! What incredible kindness and thoughtfulness. Nathan did not know our names and must have taken even more time from his day to describe us to the clerk. We would like to extend our thanks to Nathan. This gesture was very much appreciated. Nathan is a wonderful representative for your company and an amazing representative to weary travellers/tourists for Alaska.

I am so glad that we booked with your company and will definitely recommend it in the future.

Via Tripadvisor

August 1, 2017

Transportation to Anchorage airport
The price is reasonable about $25 less than the cruse ship transportation per person. The driver gives all the tit bits on the way. the seats are nice comfortable and does not feel any difference. Arrives in ANC exactly the time expected. Re commanded for others.

Via Tripadvisor

August 9, 2017

Reliable Transportation
We needed a way to get from Seward (cruise ship drop off) to Anchorage international Airport and our time was tight.

A customer service representative was available on the dock and helped us along. The bus driver (Brian) was nothing less than professional, courteous and helpful. In the end, we got in with time to spare.

We arrived into Seward on a rainy day. Brian focused on his driving as a prerecorded tour guide was explaining the sights we saw.

I really wanted to take the train to have a different experience (and view of the area) but the schedule just didn’t work for me. It turns out that there is only one highway and the bus and train run parallel to one another on it. So, even though the bus and train are different experiences, it seems we viewed the same sights along the way.

I would highly recommend the Alaska Cruise Transportation ACT Big Bus service, for their professional and reliability service.

Via Tripadvisor

August 13, 2017

Great transfer
ACT did exactly what they promised. They were easy to find in the terminal, very organized and the tour guide Shari was a wealth of knowledge and fun. A great way to finish up a cruise and get to the airport.

Via Tripadvisor

August 20, 2017

Seward to anchorage bus ride
The bus ride was smooth. Easy on and easy off, the driver help us load our luggage. The driver pointed out some highlights of the trip. Bus ride was quick and smooth. Scenic route.

Via Tripadvisor

August 23, 2017

Informative and comfortable
Great way to get to the airport while seeing some beautiful sights. Narrative was wonderful and delivered with a great sense of humor!

Via Tripadvisor

August 24, 2017

Well organized and professional
We really enjoyed our bus ride from Seward to Anchorage. The company representatives greeted us right after we disembarked, showed us which bus to get on. The driver, Todd, met us right at the side of the bus to load our luggage. The bus was very clean with a toilet in the back. Try to get on the bus early to avoid having to sit in the last row, which is right next to the toilet.. Most of the ride to the airport was along Lake Kenai with spectacular view. Try to seat on the left side if you can. Todd was was an excellent driver. He told us the story of Alaska and pointed out the landmarks and some wild life that he spotted along the way. Thank you ACT for a pleasant trip

Via Tripadvisor

August 28, 2017

good transport from cruise terminal to Anchorage
They were efficient and quick. Got us loaded and unloaded on time. Maybe some bad jokes from the driver, but that is fine with me.

September 2, 2017

Easiest transition ever
The buses were right outside the terminal when we arrived in Seward. The only glitch was that we missed the lady inside with the BIG Bus sign and were told we had to go back inside to check in with her. However, one of the drivers offered to check his list for us, and luckily we were on his bus. We still had to check in with the lady inside, but at least our driver got started on boarding our luggage.

The driver was very entertaining and interesting. He pointed out a school of Beluga whales outside Anchorage and told us stories about mountain goats and bars with slanted floors. Most entertaining.

Via Tripadvisor

September 2, 2017

Entertaining information
Enjoyed the comfortable bus, very safe driver and interesting, entertaining recorded commentary on the area, the sights, the history and much more. Highlight was seeing beluga whales from the bus! Rates were the best available for the drive from Seward to Anchorage Airport.

Via Tripadvisor

September 3, 2017

Totally Recommend This Service
We recently did a Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruise and I booked ACT for our transfer from Seward to Anchorage Airport. The cost was far cheaper booking it myself than booking it through the cruise line and the service was impeccable. Very clean modern coach with a fabulous driver who narrated along the way giving interesting information about the local area. Such an easy process at the cruise terminal too – would totally recommend booking this service online yourself and saving a lot of money (as apposed to booking it thru the cruise line)

Via Tripadvisor

September 5, 2017

Hassle Free Transfer
More reasonably priced than the cruise ship. Had efficient staff who guided us to our bus. The driver showed us points of interest along the way and we learnt of his fishing adventures. Great! Safely arrived at our hotel. Thanks for the professional service ACT.

Via Tripadvisor

September 8, 2017

Seward to Anchorage Bus
Amazing scenic ride with a very knowledgeable and entertaining bus driver! Highly recommend this Alaskan transportation company.

Via Tripadvisor

September 10, 2017

Seward to Anchorage Tour Bus Ride
I was not expecting to enjoy our ride from Seward to Anchorage to catch our plane back home, but boy was I surprised and absolutely thrilled with this excellent ride and tour. Allen, our tour bus driver and highly knowledge guide pointed out wonderful wildlife and kept us entertained. He was thoughtful and went out of his way to accommodate our group. I highly recommend this Alaskan transportation company for an excellent ride and adventure.

Via Tripadvisor

September 11, 2017

easy transfer
I did the Alaskan cruise on Norwegian Cruise line, and the transfer from off the ship to the bus was very easy. they had 2 representative in the terminal and would answer any questions we have. They had a great deal for transport, and the bus was clean and their was a mini tour on the ride too so that was interesting. I would use this group again.

Via Tripadvisor

September 26, 2017

Flawless transport to Anchorage
Wonderful transportation option, our driver was funny and informative! Thank you for a flawless ride to Anchorage.

Via Tripadvisor

October 6, 2017

Awesome service!
Way beyond a shuttle from Seward to Anchorage, driver was great guiding and narrating! Would do it again for sure!

Via Tripadvisor

September 4, 2018

bus trip to airport
Pleasant ride and very informative. Bus left on time and got us to the airport in plenty of time with great views along the way. Scott and Sherrie were great!

Via Tripadvisor

September 5, 2018

Very Dependable, On Time, Waiting Next to Ship!

We wanted dependable transportation once we left the ship to get our car rental in Anchorage. This bus service took us straight to the airport near the car rental and the drive was about 2 1/2 hours. We bought our tickets online with their website and saved $60 a couple. Our driver was polite and friendly and gave some Information about surrounding areas during the drive. The bus was clean, fairly new and comfortable. The driver drove well and didn’t speed or take risks like some do.

Via Tripadvisor

September 7, 2018

Good Deal
Driver was awesome, professional and courteous. This was a lot more flexible than the cruise owned transfers.

Via Tripadvisor

September 8, 2018

Good option for end of cruise
Pick up from Seward was straightforward and driver gave useful commentary for the 2.5 hr scenic journey. Dropped us exactly at our accommodation. Can’t fault them.

Via Tripadvisor

September 10, 2018

Great service

Great service and very timely. Driver was great as well as the guide. Would have been 5 stars if my chair wasn’t broken.

Via Tripadvisor

September 11, 2018

Great transportation from cruise

Finding A.C.T. very easy to find at cruise ship. Boarding very organized and smooth. Driver very helpful and informative.

Via Tripadvisor

September 14, 2018

Smooth and informative ride

Our driver was very smooth and handled the bus very well. The guide was knowledgeable and very witty. It made the trip from Seward to Anchorage airport seem very short. Good Job folks.

Via Tripadvisor

September 16, 2018

easy way back to the airport

W e just used the bus back for return to Anchorage. very easy to find at cruise terminal in Seward. Tour guide gave us history on the way back

Via Tripadvisor

September 23, 2018

No hassle transfer.

An easy transfer from Seward to Anchorage. Informative narrative along the way in a comfortable modern coach at a competitive price.

Via Tripadvisor

September 24, 2018

He was a great driver and told a lot about the local area.

Seward to Anchorage-We had a early morning trip from the ship to the airport. We enjoyed hearing about the local area and our driver was very careful in his driving.

Via Tripadvisor

May 17, 2019

For us, we finished up a fabulous cruise and wanted to get to the airport in a timely fashion. ACT was prepared for the onslaught of weary travelers with well-marked, very clean buses and friendly drivers. I certainly would book them again.
via Tripadvisor

June 1, 2019

Cruise terminal to airport transfer
ACT provided a great way to get from the cruise terminal in Seward to the Anchorage airport. The ‘tour guide’, Rick, was funny, informative and engaging with just the right amount of narration. It’s also good to see young women as bus drivers instead of the usual old guys.
via Tripadvisor

June 10, 2019

Great cheaper alternative to cruise-line shuttle from Seward to Anchorage
Super easy to find as it is located right where you pick up your luggage after getting off the cruise/Great comfortable bus/Our bus driver gave interesting narrative even though he wasn’t required to do so/Would definitely use again in a heartbeat!
via Tripadvisor

June 15, 2019

Excellent service
I highly recommend the company. They were super easy to find once we descended the cruise ship. Extremely organized, even though they manage a great amount of busses and different types of trips and excursions. Our bus driver was helpful, friendly, and gave us interesting facts along the tour. The bus was brand new and confortable. We departed Seward and arrived at Anchorage right on time.
via Tripadvisor

July 10, 2019

Beautiful ride
Very comfortable bus with a restroom onboard, very informative narration by an expert guide and beautiful scenery made our transfer from Seward to Anchorage very easy and pleasant.
via Tripadvisor

August 22, 2019

Reliable post-cruise transportation
The ACT rep was waiting inside the Seward cruise terminal as promised. Check-in was efficient and we were directed to our bus. The driver was knowledgeable and provided many interesting facts along the drive. He also pointed out spots where we were likely to find wildlife – saw a moose and some baby mountain goats. Dropped us off directly at our hotel. I would definitely recommend this company to get to/from your cruise and Anchorage.
via Tripadvisor

June 12, 2022

Great bus ride from Seward to Anchorage
Family vacation- Excellent bus ride with great narration from Scott. Put it out history and sightseeing items. Would do it again in a heartbeat
via Tripadvisor

June 12, 2022

Convenient and Entertaining
The coach bus was waiting for us outside of the cruise terminal when we departed our ship at 7am. The ride was very comfortable and included a bathroom. We didn’t expect to have OUTSTANDING narration by the bus driver during the 2.5 hour transfer, so it was a pleasant surprise.
via Tripadvisor

July 22, 2022

Great Alternative when you need cruise transfer to Anchorage
We extended our trip on our own after a Viking Cruise, and had to arrange our own transfer Seward to Anchorage to visit friends there. Great driver and easy transfer for us. Thank you!
via Tripadvisor

August 25, 2022

Exceeded my expectations!
Newer, clean and comfortable buses. Pick up at cruise terminal was seamless. Drove the Seward Scenic Highway from Seward to Anchorage. Beautiful scenery. Stopped at Wildlife Conservatory for a short visit. Loved seeing the animals behind fencing but in their natural environment. Driver and narrator (Matt?) were courteous and professional. Bus dropped us at airport in Anchorage. Our luggage was unloaded and we proceeded on our journey.
via Tripadvisor

June 3, 2023

Functional, informative and dependable ride
For functionality the direct ride from Seward to Anchorage airport was perfect – very safe and on time. For the extra stuff, Eddie was an excellent story teller, filling us in on the history and a great tour of the area. Thank you to you all for helping us end our vacation with dependable service.
via Tripadvisor

June 20, 2023

Seward to Anchorage
Used them for a transfer from seward to anchorage. Had a stand right in the terminal so no problem figuring out where to go. Driver was friendly and knowledgeable.
via Tripadvisor

August 23, 2023

Great way to travel!
A perfect economical way to travel
from Seward to Anchorage! They were efficient and the coach was very comfortable. The scenery was beautiful and the bus driver was great at sharing information about the areas we passed though. I would certainly use this service again!!
via Tripadvisor

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