Very happy with this trip.

I had read reviews of this trip from Seward to Anchorage and all were generally pretty good. I concur with them. Finding our bus was easy. A representative was standing right near the exit doorway of the terminal and he provided us with our bus number. On each bus a number was displayed, probably 2 feet tall on a brightly colored background.

I would have liked one or two stops along the highway on the Kenai Peninsula for photos. (I realize you have to keep this to a minimum in order to keep on schedule), but I think one or two could have worked. The views are incredible.

After the tour, one in my group realized they had left behind an item on the bus. Not an expensive item, but one of sentimental value. The driver, (Travis, I believe), delivered it to the hotel we were staying at.

I felt the length of time at each stop was nearly perfect and the selection of stops excellent. You had to remember that for us, we were already tired from a week of exploration. Everyone in my group was very happy with this tour. I recommend it without hesitation. 08/14