Thanks to ACT for the trip:)

First of all — the bus worked nicely for us getting from Anchorage to Whittier — no problem. However, when we got to Port, there were issues with the Union Port employees which wasn’t the fault of ACT. All worked out fine. With that said, I must share with you that Anna exceeded my highest expectations — and mine are high because I work in the Customer Service world for an organization of about 100K employees. Anna delighted me. Let me explain. My husband left his ipad on the bus when we got to Whittier. He panicked. I said let me call ACT. I was so very fortunate to get Anna on the phone. I explained our situation and she immediately said: I think we’ll find the ipad because the bus hasn’t been cleaned yet. I’ll personally manage this for you — and she did! Within no time, she notified me the ipad was there. It didn’t stop there. She said we’ll ship it to you after you arrive in Vancouver so that the ipad doesn’t get to your home before you do. And not to worry, I’ll charge the shipping to your credit card on file if that works for you. And she made it happen — like clockwork! ACT is very fortunate to have Anna who provides this level of attentive and person customer service. She gets a trip A+ from Steve and me for her help. Please acknowledge her for this outstanding customer experience.

Philadlephia, PA

Steve and Martha Soehren