Great Experience

I recently took my first cruise and needed a way to transfer from Anchorage to Whittier so I could board the ship. Not only was the price right (cheaper than other services I researched) but there was an added bonus of having a tour, as well. 

Since this was my first trip to Alaska and my first cruise, I wanted to see everything and I was not disappointed. Honestly, I could have used the cruise line’s transfer service but it was just a ride with my suitcases and that didn’t seem all that fun. The ACT service provided a narrated tour that described what you were seeing and provided a few stops along the way. This was the best part … We stopped at this animal conservation park that had Alaskan animals. I know it might sound silly but I’ve always wanted to see a moose in real life and I got to do that and now have some excellent pictures to share with my family & friends. These creatures are huge awe-inspiring so I’m so glad I got to see this!

This was a trip for just the hubby and I so we were looking to have every experience we could and this transfer packed in a lot that we might not have been able to otherwise see. The bus also stopped at a glacier park (which my husband enjoyed more than me) and we went through this long tunnel that I found boring but my husband also thought was pretty cool.

Another reason why I chose this service is because they advertised a bathroom on the bus. This may sound like a small thing but for me, this was crucial because I like to plan for all contingencies. In the end, I didn’t actually have to use it but just knowing it was available helped me to relax and enjoy the ride.

All in all, a great service for a necessary trip that had to be made to get to my vacation. They transferred me right to the cruise ship and delivered on everything I expected. 08/13