Alaska Cruise Transfer made it easy

A group of friends and I decided we would give it a shot and go take a cruise and see what Alaska has to offer. We arrived in Anchorage and secured transportation to the cruise ship docks in Whittier.  We had 9 people taking the transfer from Anchorage to Whittier to the Norwegian ship. It is usually $55 a person, but because we had a group over 6 we received a 10% discount. You have to love a discount. We were picked up in Anchorage and brought to Whittier without incident. Everything was smooth and easy- thanks to Alaska Cruise Transfers and Tours. Using this company definitely made the transfer a stress free.  We saw little bit of Whittier prior to boarding the ship. It is a really small town- I think they said the population was less than 200.The only building of significance in Whittier was an old abandoned government building called the Buckner Building. It was a federal government building and is now empty, dilapidated, full of asbestos and crumbling. But you are only in Whittier to get on your cruise ship so no big deal.

Alaska is a great place to visit. The beauty of the scenery is unmatched compared to where I have been.