A pleasant way to spend a day

Our flight from Anchorage to Seattle did not leave until 18.45, so rather than hang around at the airport all day, we booked this all day tour. We boarded the bus at 08.15. There was a company representative at the cruise terminal baggage collection area. The weather was wild when the bus left Whittier at 08.45. To coincide with the tunnel opening at 09.00, they need to leave on time, so do not be late. It is a single lane tunnel and opens for 15 minutes every hour each way. The tunnel was built in WW2 as a train tunnel by the US Army. Now it can take both trains and cars, but only one way at a time. It’s an icon from a past era.

Various stops on the tour – Portage visitors Center, Alyeska Cable Car, Alaska Conservation Center, plus various other stops for shopping views etc.

Lunch was nice sandwiches.

We did not have very good weather, which did dampen things a bit, but none of the stops were spectacular and we had been spoiled with stunning views on our recent cruise, but it was a pleasant way to spend a day.

The driver/guide was friendly and knowledgeable. 09/13