A great way to spend a day after a cruise

This was a great way to finish a cruise. The booking process was easy and the price was affordable – especially for a full-day tour. The pickup at the cruise port in Whittier went very smoothly. Trevor, our driver/guide kept us entertained and informed the entire time. Since many flights out of Anchorage seem to leave in the evening or at night, this would be a great way to fill the time between an early morning ship arrival and a flight much later in the day. We were staying a few extra days in Anchorage and it was great to be dropped off right at our hotel. While driving through Anchorage, Trevor gave us some recommendations for things to see, shops to visit and restaurants to try. We visited many of them and they were all great. The whole day was easy and relaxed. This was a good way to finish a cruise whether you’re planning to spend more time in the area or gearing up for a long flight home. 08/14