How to drive from Anchorage to Seward Cruise Port and vice versa?

How to get from Anchorage to Seward for my cruise ship?

Seward is located 125 miles south of Anchorage. Whittier is 60 miles south of Anchorage. One way cruises depart from Seward or Whittier and end in Vancouver. 

Since all the major airlines fly to Anchorage, you will have to travel to Seward or Whittier by road or rail once you land in Anchorage. The Seward Highway is the road that connects Anchorage with Whittier and Seward. The Seward highway has been nominated as a Top Ten National Scenic Driveway and rightly so. It is absolutely breathtaking.

If you drive from Anchorage to Seward by road it will take about 2.5 hours to Seward and 1.5 hours to Whittier. The railway and highway are parallel to each other. You will get the same beautiful scenery, however train takes more than twice as long as traveling by a bus or a car and does not stop for photos or any sightseeing.

The best way to travel to or from your cruise ship in Seward, Whittier and Anchorage is by taking a sightseeing tour with stops along the way. Or if you are in a hurry to catch your flight, you can select the non-stop express transfer between Seward, Whittier and Anchorage.

Alaska Cruise Transportation offers bus and day tour service from Anchorage airport, hotels, and car rentals to Seward cruise ship port. We offer service from Seward cruise ship port to Anchorage Ted Stevens airport, hotels and car rental agencies. We provide these services for all cruise ship passengers for all major cruise lines that come to Seward, AK and Whittier Alaska.

We recommend planning extra time for your transfer to fully enjoy the scenery and make stops along the way, our transportation options:

  • Direct transfer by a motor coach
  • Wildlife tour and transfer with stops at the Wildlife park
  • Full day excursion visiting most popular attractions.

Please visit our Seward Transportation page to find out the schedule and prices

Please visit our Whittier Transportation page to find out the schedule and prices