Why you need to AVOID SMALL BUSES and go with the big bus?




  1. Shuttles are designed to transport people for short distances. Usually they are used for transferring people from airport to the car rental offices.
  2. They have no restrooms. Those companies will tell you that they stop for a restroom on the way, however, there is only one highway to the ports and ONE restroom where hundreds of people stop daily! It is poorly maintained and there is always a long line. Don’t waste your valuable vacation time. Please beware which bus company you are booking with by asking about the restroom and make sure you book with BIG BUS!
  3. Any delay on the highway and you are stuck on the bus with no restroom or air conditioning for hours.
  4. Most older small shuttles don’t have air conditioning. They open windows for air which is quite loud when on the highway. It gets hot in Alaska (75-85F) in the summer and opening a window will not help while the bus is waiting.
  5. There is no place for a live tour guide on a small shuttle, the driver will drive and narrate at the same time, which might create some safety problems. We are concerned about your safety and use a separate professional guides on our wildlife tours.
  6. Small shuttles don’t have luggage space inside the bus and they use large trailers attached to the bus via a hitch. Weight of the trailer with the luggage about the same as the weight of the vehicle and since trailer has no breaks, it can create a dangerous situation in emergency breaking. They are known for loosing trailers on the highway.
  7. Small shuttles are much less regulated and never inspected by DOT for commercial qualifications. Almost anyone can drive these buses.
  8. Avoid tunnel wait times when getting to or from Whittier. Large coaches are the first ones to clear the tunnel unlike smaller buses.

This is why we ONLY use large, modern motor coaches on our shared transfers and tours!