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Anchorage to Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park – Cruise Ship Days

Anchorage to Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park

Norwegian, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines


All prices are going up March 1

SPECIAL THIS WEEK: Groups of 6 or more get 10% off if booked before this Sunday.

Add a little scenery to your bus transfer. With a little extra time you will be able to get out of the bus and appreciate the scenic drive with photos and memories to last for lifetime. Our Anchorage to Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park is the best value on a market and our most popular transfer, featuring photo stops and a visit to Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where you are guaranteed to see some Alaskan animals such as bears, moose, caribou, musk oxen, and wood bison. Admission to the park is included in the price.

Anchorage Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park picks up at selected Anchorage hotels, airport, car rentals and drops off directly at the cruise ship terminal.

Our services are available to anyone and you are welcome to take this tour even if you are not on a cruise ship.



  • Fridays: $99 per person
  • Mondays: $99 per person


  • Bus Departs Anchorage to Seward on Mondays:
    • Afternoon – Pick up Anchorage hotels 12:00-12:45PM, depart Anchorage airport 1:00PM
  • Bus Departs Anchorage to Seward on Fridays:
    • Afternoon – Pick up Anchorage hotels 12:00-12:45PM, depart Anchorage airport 1:00PM



  • Bus Arrives Seward on Mondays:
    • Afternoon – Arrives Seward 4:30-4:45PM (Norwegian Cruise line)
  • Bus Arrives Seward on Fridays:
    • Afternoon – Arrives Seward 4:30-4:45PM (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise line)

Is that enough time to get to the ship? Will I miss my ship if I use your services?

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for answer to this question.


Comfortable layered clothing


This Anchorage to Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park includes:
  • Pick up in Anchorage (hotels, airport, car rentals, see list of places we don’t and do pick up)
  • Turnagain Arm – Beluga Point for Dall sheep, beluga whales (photo stop),
  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center with the perfect picture opportunity for Bears, Moose, Caribou, Bison, Musk Oxen, Deer, Elk, bold eagle,
  • Moose Pass (drive by),
  • Drop off directly at the Seward cruise ship terminal

Anchorage Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park detailed description:

Our Anchorage Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park option is the best alternative to get to your cruise ship in Seward from Anchorage airport, car rental, or hotel. Anchorage Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park tour makes a stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, where you can view bears, bison, elk, eagles, moose, caribou, and musk oxen in a natural setting. We will make a stop at the Beluga Point for a chance to see Beluga whales, and other picture stops as time permits.

Our wildlife transfer will pick up at the Anchorage International airport, car rental of hotels, our friendly drivers/guides will direct you to your Seward tour bus, where you will be seated in comfort with lots of luggage space in the luggage section. You will then continue on to the most scenic Seward highway on your Anchorage to Seward wildlife adventure tour transportation bus. You will make a first stop at the Beluga Point for a chance to see beluga whales or Dall sheep, to make some amazing photos.

You will learn about history and surrounding places of interest on your way from Seward to Anchorage in your Wildlife tour/transfer bus. You will visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center where you will have an opportunity to see bears, moose, caribou, musk oxen in their natural setting. Get ready to take lots of pictures of Alaskan animals as they play right in front of you.

You will then continue traveling on the scenic Seward highway to be dropped off directly at the cruise ship terminal where you check in your luggage. Enjoy the wonderful views of the Seward highway designated “National scenic byway.” We make your experience while traveling from Anchorage to Seward easy and unforgettable. Reserve your Wildlife tour with your transfer from Anchorage to Seward today, receive your confirmation e-mail with travel details and get ready for an unforgettable ride.

This Anchorage Seward Bus Tour with Wildlife Park is a shared transfer service in our most comfortable coaches with restroom, tinted windows, easy step up (unlike full-size vans that other transfer companies use, you don’t have to bend over or hit your head climbing in and out), air conditioner/heater, large picture-view windows, full size individual bus seats (unlike vans that other transfer companies use, you will have a private seat for yourself and will not be holding somebody else’s bag), DVD player, full narration.

About Seward Alaska

Seward is the easiest place to find fish and see glaciers. The year-round population is about 2,000, but it can swell to about 30,000 around the popular Fourth of July weekend festivities. The town was named after William Seward, secretary of state under President Andrew Johnson, who engineered the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. His critics around the country were appalled. The United States had spent $7.2 million, they cried, for icebergs, and polar bears. Cartoonists showed Seward amid glaciers and walruses. They claimed the new territory should more aptly be called “Walrussia” or “Seward’s Folly.” Asked at the end of his long and distinguished career about his single greatest achievement, Seward responded, “The purchase of Alaska! But it will take Congress and the American people a generation to find it out.” That original purchase price has been paid back thousands of times over in fur, gold, fish, timber, and oil. Ironically, now tourists come (and pay) to see icebergs, walruses, polar bears, and glaciers.

While you’ll see plenty of ice in Seward, you won’t see walruses or polar bears this far south, unless you come for a strange event the third week of January, known as the Seward Polar Bear Jump-off Festival. When everyone else is wearing parkas and wool hats, strange characters in costumes and capes – all for charity and the theater of the absurd – plunge into the frigid waters of Resurrection Bay and come flying back out. It’s their entry fee to an elite and wacky club, the Polar Bear Club. Resurrection Bay is the best of Seward, an inviting front yard, attracting boaters, birders, kayakers, fisherman, sailors, and whale watchers. Full of glaciers and incredible wildlife, all the western coast of the bay is in Kenai Fjords National Park. Seward is the beginning of the railroad to Fairbanks and Mile 0 on the old historic Seward to Nome gold rush/mail route, today more familiarly known as the Iditarod Trail.

Additional information

DestinationANCHORAGE, AK, Seward, AK

This bus service is available only on Mondays and Fridays when a cruise ship is in port.

Our tour/transfer is directly coordinated with the cruise line schedule and place. We will pick you up at most locations in Anchorage, will take care of your luggage, and we GUARANTEE to deliver you to your cruise ship right on time for your departure.


  • Afternoon – Pick up in Anchorage hotels 12:00 – 12:45PM, departs Anchorage airport 1:00PM – Arrives Seward 4:30-4:45PM (Norwegian Cruise line)


  • Afternoon – Pick up in Anchorage hotels 12:00-12:45PM, departs Anchorage airport 1:00PM – Arrives Seward 4:30-4:45PM (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise line)

Most ships in Seward depart at 7:00PM on Fridays and 8:00PM on Mondays with last boarding at 5:30PM on Fridays and 6:30PM on Mondays.

This tour will get you to the cruise ship on time, you will not miss your cruise if you take this tour.

Seward Anchorage Bus Tour with Wildlife Park

Tour Reviews

4.97 based on 29 reviews
June 2, 2017

Anchorage to Seward
The driver was very personable and the bus was comfortable. Best price for cruises.The scenery was so pretty and the commentary was interesting and contained many interesting facts.. It is a shame how the cruise industry treats arriving and departing passengers as captive and charge excessive fees for the transportation.

Via Tripadvisor

June 10, 2017

Great Transportation with a stop you cant get on the train!
This was our second time cruising Alaska. However, this time we were taking our teenage children. We debated on taking the train from Anchorage to Seward but decided on the bus instead. It was the only way to get in the stop at the Wildlife Center. It was a great way to get some ‘guaranteed’ animal viewing in. It ended up on the bus ride we saw even more wildlife along the way and our guide was very informative and friendly. Totally recommend this being part of your journey!

Via Tripadvisor

June 28, 2017

Great way to transfer to a cruise ship
I chose the wildlife tour option as an informative/fun way of getting to the ship. The company couldn’t pick up from the hotel I was staying in, but we arranged to be picked up from one nearby. They were early!
Shari was very personable and helpful throughout, giving a running commentary, peppered with plenty of self deprecating humour
We stopped for a photo stop and got some breathtakingly beautiful pictures.
We had enough time at the wildlife sanctuary to see everything and it was certainly worth taking this tour.
We got to the terminal and just walked straight on the ship, with no line. Perfect
For the small amount extra I felt it was well worth it
Highly recommended

Via Tripadvisor

July 16, 2017

Achorage to Seward plus Wildlife!
We chose the Anchorage to Seward Narrated Wildlife Tour four our large family trip. The pickup at the hotel was worth the price alone. Throwing in a very professional and courteous driver and narrator set the bar for quality customer service in a tranfer company. The cherry on top was the wildlife preserve along the trip for lunch and up close Alaska wildlife.

Via Tripadvisor

July 22, 2017

Great Value! Lots to See!
We decided to book with Alaskan Cruise Transportation to connect us with our Cruise which was to depart from Seward a few hours drive from Anchorage. This was a great way to experience Anchorage prior to joining our Alaskan Cruise from Seward.
Our Guide, Chris was friendly and cheery and offered interesting info from a lifetime of living in Anchorage. We had a great day on this tour including visiting the Animal Rehabilitation Centre, and enjoying a lovely Scenic Coastal drive to Seward.
As our mid-town Hotel was out of the Tour’s pick up zone, the Company was very happy to pick us up from the International Airport allowing us to par take in our Hotels Free Shuttle service to the Airport. A very suitable compromise saving us extra dollars. This only added to the good value for money and enjoyable tour choice we made with Alaskan Cruise Transportation. Thank you.

July 25, 2017

great trip
reliable. clean bus. loved the stop at the nature reserve, for less then the cruise line wanted to charge. Also had a tour guide talking and was pleasant

Via Tripadvisor

August 1, 2017

Highly Reccomended
We recently did a Royal Caribbean Alaska Cruise and I booked ACT for our transfer from Anchorage Airport to Sweard. They were very professional, the ride was comfortable and the most affordable option for making our departure time.

Via Tripadvisor

August 9, 2017

If only the weather was better…

We booked out transfer from Anchorage to Seward as a bus ride to our cruise ship. Everything was ‘by the book”, as explained on their web site..Ride was cosy and bus was comfortable. Lot to learn from the driver…came on time on the dock.

Via Tripadvisor

September 7, 2017

Anchorage to Seward
Awesome ride to Seward from Anchorage. Our trip guide was excellent. I believe her name was Sheri ??? She was fantastic . Very Knowledgable. Would highly recommend this company.

Via Tripadvisor

September 13, 2017

Anchorage to Seward transfer

We took the transfer from Anchorage to the cruise ship terminal in Seward as it was cheaper than any other option and gave us additional adventure. The wildlife center was worth the stop, and the driver and director were very friendly and helpful. The transfer picked us up at our hotel and avoided any additional travel to access and included the cost of the wildlife center fee.

Via Tripadvisor

September 4, 2018

Nice transport to ship

This was a nice transport to Seward from Anchorage. Bus arrived on time. We did need to make several stops to pickup other guests. Bus driver gave a very informative narration along our route. Had a photo stop en route as well as a stop at the Wildlife Conservatory Center. It would have been nice to have an extra 30 minutes as we did not get to see all the animals or have time for the gift shop. There is a small snack bar. We just had enough time to grab some food to go. Luckily there were not a lot us buses at that time. Otherwise we would not have had time to grab a snack. Would recommend.

Via Tripadvisor

September 7, 2018

Great scenery and guided trip
We enjoyed the trip, scenery and knowledge provided by the driver. Good value. This bus took us to Seward for our cruise. I was very much like a shore excursion but at a better price than the ship’s price.

Via Tripadvisor

September 8, 2018

Great way to transfer from Anchorage to Seward

Great way to transfer from Anchorage to Seward to meet our ship. ACT came up with a creative way to avoid sitting in a traffic jam due to an accident on the Seward Highway… they dropped us off at the mall for an hour. We got a bite to eat and roamed the stores. By the time we returned to the bus, the driver and guide had heard that the road was clearing. Much better than sitting in traffic for an hour or more. We did get to spend about 55 minutes at the Wildlife Center too. Great stop! Very good driver and guide. I would recommend their transport services.

Via Tripadvisor

September 11, 2018

very nice trip with a stop at a nature reserved

a pleasant with a few stops along the way. A viewing center where we stop to see mountain sheep and water seining looking for whales. The bus driver also narrated the whole trip as we travel.

VIa Tripadvisor

September 18, 2018

Transportation from Anchorage to Seward.

Great value for the money. There were 10 of us requiring transportation from Anchorage to Seward to get on the ship. They picked us all up at our hotel. We stopped at Beluga point to look for whales and we also stopped at the wildlife center for an hour or so. Stress free travel. Highly recommend this company.

Via Tripadvisor

September 30, 2018

Pre Alaskan Cruise
Well organized trip. Picked up from our hotel and transported to Seward for out HAL cruise. Guide was very knowledgable regarding the area and a nice visit to the wildlife centre. Would recommend this transportation to the cruise line

Via Tripadvisor

October 29, 2018

Booked online, no problem.This was a very comfortable ride from Anchorage to Seward. We were collected on time with a driver /guide who was helpful and informative. We took the transport with the Wildlife refuge included. Although we’d been there the day before on the Anchorage Tour we still enjoyed seeing the animals, and the other sights.
Highly recommended.

Via Tripadvisor

May 23, 2019

More than a ride
I was on the Anchorage to Seward Narrated Wildlife Tour, which was very informative. The staff was great, very helpful, funny and provided a lot of information and history about Alaska which I love. So much more than just a bus service. So glad that I found this company.
via Tripadvisor

June 7, 2019

Rick was amazing!
Wasn’t sure what to expect on this bus transfer, but it was really wonderful! Rick was an entertaining and informative guide, we had a great stop at the wildlife preserve, and scenic views the whole way to Seward. Thank you all for a great experience!
via Tripadvisor

June 21, 2019

So much fun – the time flew by
We hired ACT to take us from the airport to the cruise harbor in Seward. The trip was four plus hours, but included a live narration, a couple of stops for pictures, and an hour at the Alaskan Nature Preserve. Our guide, Molly, and driver, Edson, made the trip a pleasure, pointing out spots of interest and regaling us with stories, facts, and (very bad) jokes. (a three legged moose is a mooselini). The nature preserve was a wonderful way to see Alaskan wildlife up close; bears, moose, caribou, Sitka deer, muskox, wood bison, wolves, porcupine, fox, elk, eagle, own, lynx. These animals have been rescued are are kept in open habitats where they thrive. We loved the whole trip.
via Tripadvisor

July 10, 2019

The best way to begin a wonderful immersion to Alaska
Excellent guide, safe driver, on time and full comments to help dicovering the beautifull panorama! The explanantion about the tides, the locals,the fishing were very interesting
via Tripadvisor

July 15, 2019

Very Good Driver
Our driver Ernest was fantastic very entertaining, full of interesting stories about the locals and the area. Above all he was an excellent driver with whom we felt completely safe. Overall a fantastic trip that included the Alaskan Animal Rescue Centre stop along the way, where we got some fantastic photos of moose up close and personal.
via Tripadvisor

August 24, 2019

As Advertised – Pleasantly Surprised!
Based on the reviews and their website, we chose the extended version of the transfer (2.5-3 hours) to include a stop at the Wildlife Conservatory. The process and instructions for pickup were clear and accurate and the drive/tour with narration was just the right amount. It was great to hear about Alaska and to have specific things pointed out to us. A few photo stops along the way, an hour at the Conservatory (which actually could have been a bit longer to see and appreciate it all – but dining/refreshments were quite limited there). We arrived at the port as promised and had the easiest on-boarding process ever! Practically door-to-door service. It was pleasantly surprising that EVERYTHING was as advertised, and even better than expected. Highly recommend this service.
via Tripadvisor

June 14, 2022

Would take this tour bus again!
Our tour guide was very informative. He had a great sense of humor and told us some personal stories that tied into the tour. My brother in law is very hard to impress and he said it was his favorite of all of the tours we had been on during our vacation.
via Tripadvisor

July 19, 2022

Informative, fun and efficient
Rick is funny, informative and made the trip memorable. Learned a lot about the freedom loving Alaskan spirit – many wonderful stories. The stop at the conservation center was also memorable
via Tripadvisor

August 10, 2022

Highly recommended!
Wonderful staff and very comfortable bus. The added stop at the wildlife conservation was exceptional. Thanks for the great experience!!
via Tripadvisor

June 21, 2023

Great transfer!
It was a beautiful sunny day when we took the coach transfer from Anchorage to Seward.
The 41/2 hour journey was broken up with a photo stop and visit to the wildlife conservation centre. The added bonus bus was the narration and banter from the knowledgable & wonderful Rick & driver Will.
Rick had us smiling with his anecdotes all the way! Thanks guys for a fun yet informative transfer!
via Tripadvisor

July 17, 2023

Good way to get to the cruise docks
Good pre-trip communication,re: timing, pick up locations, what to expect. When I called the service number with a question it was promptly answered. The on-board guide was entertaining. The Wild Life Center was worth it.
via Tripadvisor

August 18, 2023

Great transportation option to Seward
We reserved the ACT Big Bus with the Wildlife tour to go from Anchorage to Seward to connect with a cruise. The bus was comfortable and clean. The driver and guide were articulate and knowledgeable in the commentary during the drive. Our luggage was handled well and taken directly to the luggage handlers at the port. The stop at the Wildlife Park was interesting, with many rescued animals available for viewing. The stop could have been a bit longer, but I understand the time constraints for meeting the ship. I recommend this relaxing and informative trip to the port.
via Tripadvisor

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