1.5-2 hours

Whittier to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer for Cruise Passengers


All prices are going up February 1

Groups of 6 or more get 10% discount if booked by this Sunday

Whittier to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer: non-stop transfer service, directly from Whittier cruise ship terminal to Anchorage airport and downtown.


Bus departs Whittier cruise ship terminal

Bus arrives Anchorage Airport and hotels

This service is available on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays


Please arrive by 8:30 AM for a prompt departure from Whittier at 8:45 AM

Will I be able to get off the ship on time to make your departure? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for answer to this question.


Bus arrives Anchorage airport 10:30AM, drop offs at Anchorage hotels till 11:15AM.


Comfortable layered clothing


This 1.5 – 2 Hour Whittier to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer includes:
  • Pick up directly at the Whittier cruise ship terminal
  • 2.5 mile-long Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel
  • Portage Glacier valley with excellent glacier (drive by)
  • Turnagain Arm – (drive by) dall sheep, beluga whales
  • Drop off in the largest city in Alaska – Anchorage
  • NOTE: This discounted transfer has limited drop off locations, if your hotel is not on the list, you can get off at the airport and call your hotel for their free airport shuttle and they will come and take you to your hotel directly. If hotel drop off is important to you, please select our wildlife transfer which has many more drop off options

Whittier to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer for Princess Ship passengers:

  • Bus picks up at Princess/Holland America cruise ship terminal at 8:45AM
  • Longest tunnel in North America
  • Turnagain Arm – (drive by) dall sheep, beluga whales
  • Bus drops off at Anchorage Airport at 10:30AM
  • Bus drops off at Anchorage downtown hotels 11:00AM

Our Whittier to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer 1.5-2 hour shuttle option is the best alternative to get from your cruise ship in Whittier to Anchorage airport, car rental, or hotel. Whittier to Anchorage shuttle takes you thru the longest tunnel in North America to Anchorage on the most scenic highway. Our direct Whittier bus service transportation will pick up at the Whittier Princess/Holland America cruise ship terminal, directly at the ship, our friendly drivers/guides will direct you to your Whittier shuttle bus, where you will be seated in comfort with lots of luggage space in the luggage section.

You will then continue on to the most scenic Seward highway in your direct Whittier transportation bus. You will learn about history and surrounding places of interest on you way from Whittier to Anchorage in your direct transfer bus. Whittier to Anchorage transfer takes a total of about 1.5-2 hours of service. You will then be dropped off in Anchorage. We make your experience while traveling from Whittier to Anchorage easy and unforgettable. Reserve your transfer from Whittier to Anchorage today, receive your confirmation e-mail with travel details and get ready for an unforgettable ride.

This Whittier to Anchorage Bus – Narrated Direct Transfer is a shared transfer service in our most comfortable coaches. Our coaches have tinted windows, easy step up (unlike full-size vans that other transfer companies use, you don’t have to bend over or hit your head climbing in and out). air conditioner/heater, large picture-view windows, full size individual bus seats (unlike vans that other transfer companies use, you will have a private seat for yourself and will not be holding somebody else’s bag). DVD player, full narration.

About Whittier Alaska

If one of the Whittier cruises is your final destination you might find following facts interesting. Whittier is Anchorage’s portal to Prince William Sound. Although Anchorage itself in on Upper Cook Inlet, the highest tides in the Northern America, muddy, fast-moving water offers no use for boating. Whittier, on the other hand, stands on the edge of a long fjord, whose clear waters are full of salmon orcas, and otters. Surrounded by mountains dripping with glaciers which are beautiful when the sun is shining, they also trap storms over the town and as a result 15 feet of rain and 20 feet of snow a year is average. Most of town’s 250 residents live in one 14-story structure, which certainly cuts down on snow-shoveling time.

In the past, the only way to get to from Anchorage to Whittier cruises was by riding through the mountain by train. Now the railway tunnel is paved creating North America’s longest highway tunnel and providing opportunities for buses, shuttles, and motorcoaches to take you from Whittier to Anchorage.

There are lots of exciting things to do in Whittier or Seward transportation such as hiking, fishing for salmon, trout, red snapper, photography, hunting for bear and birds, wildlife viewing, and much more right here in Whittier, Alaska!

This service is available only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Any other days only private transfers, call directly for rates.

Our Whittier to Anchorage transfer transportation is directly coordinated with the cruise line schedule and place. We will meet you when you are able to get off the ship, will take care of your luggage, and drop off at most locations in Anchorage.

Departing Cruise ship terminal at 8:45AM

Arriving Anchorage Airport 10:30AM

Dropping off at the Anchorage hotels till about 11:15AM

All ships dock at Whittier port overnight (12:00AM) and start disembarkation at 7:00AM the same morning.

Tour Reviews

4.89 based on 27 reviews
May 27, 2017

Same as cruise ship transfer at about 1\2 the cost
Party of eight booked this transfer from Whittier to Anchorage airport. $236. Princess would have charged $432 for exactly the same service. You decide.

Via Tripadvisor

June 12, 2017

Best Direct Transfer to Anchorage Airport from Whittier
ACT made our transfer from Whittier to the Anchorage airport stress free and enjoyable. There was an ACT representative meeting us in the cruise terminal after we disembarked from our cruise. We checked in and received instructions for where and when to board our coach. The bus was warm, comfortable and had all glass windows which were great for sight-seeing The recorded commentary which played during the drive up to Anchorage was informative, funny, and extremely interesting. We were dropped right at the airport terminal. No hassles, No worries. I highly recommend booking with ACT for a direct transfer.

Via Tripadvisor

June 22, 2017

Efficient, Clean, Cheap
We took the express transport option from Whittier to Anchorage. The full-size bus was clean, the ride was quick, and our driver was friendly. In addition, we saved almost $20 per person by taking ACT as opposed to the Princess Cruise line transfer. And bonus points to ACT for taking us to our hotel in downtown Anchorage at no extra charge!

Via Tripadvisor

June 26, 2017

Easy and fast.
The driver did a good job on the driver to the airport in Anchorage. He spent time talking about Alaska and the wild life.

Via Tripadvisor

July 3, 2017

Best Transportation Value
This was not just a great value in transportation. It was a non-stop tour, narrated by the bus driver, from the time we left the ship, until we arrived at the Anchorage Airport. He was knowledgeable, answering even the dumb touristy questions, and best of all, gave us safe and comfortable transportation to Anchorage. Also a great way to save almost $20/person over Princess.

Via Tripadvisor

July 5, 2017

smooth transition
getting off the ship and finding our bus was super easy. There were people stationed all along the way to help us, cruise weary people. our tour guide was great. very personable and entertained us with stories and points of interest. The ride went by extremely fast. We were shocked when he said that we were in Anchorage; it felt like we had just left Whittier.

Via Tripadvisor

July 13, 2017

Brian was great.
The bus ride was well organized. From when we left the island princess to when we arrived at the anchorage airport. Our driver, Brian, was very helpful and upbeat. The oration was interesting and clear.

Via Tripadvisor

July 22, 2017

Best Transportation Value
This was not just a great value in transportation. It was a non-stop tour, narrated by the bus driver, from the time we left the ship, until we arrived at the Anchorage Airport. He was knowledgeable, answering even the dumb touristy questions, and best of all, gave us safe and comfortable transportation to Anchorage. Also a great way to save almost $20/person over Princess.

August 6, 2017

A nice ride!
We caught the ACT bus to Anchorage from Whittier after disembarking a cruise. The bus is pretty new and has a loo (didn’t use, can’t comment) and very comfortable. There is a pre-recorded narrative that the driver plays which very cleverly coincides with the landscape you’re passing. It was very interesting. All in all a very comfortable, good value way to get to Anchorage.

Via Tripadvisor

August 24, 2017

Whittier to Anchorage Transfer
After a wonderful Northbound Alaska cruise, ACT provided our party of 8 with a reliable, comfortable and informative transfer from Whittier to the Anchorage airport, at a much more reasonable price than that offered by Princess Cruiseline. I would strongly recomment them to anyone, and will use them again in the future.

Via Tripadvisor

August 28, 2017

good transport from cruise terminal to Anchorage
They were efficient and quick. Got us loaded and unloaded on time. Maybe some bad jokes from the driver, but that is fine with me.

Via Tripadvisor

September 3, 2017

Whittier to Anchorage Shuttle
On time, easy to find at disembarkation, good travel narrative. Cheaper than cruise line. Highly recommend.

Via Tripadvisor

September 3, 2017

Informative and comfortable
Great way to get to the airport while seeing some beautiful sights. Narrative was wonderful and delivered with a great sense of humor!

Via Tripadvisor

September 4, 2017

Post-cruise Whittier to Anchorage Transfer
Safe and on time, plus the driver narrated the 1+hour drive with interesting details along the way. He gave us a quick tour of Whittier since we had a few spare minutes before the one-way rail/auto tunnel opened.

Via Tripadvisor

September 6, 2017

Inexpensive, convenient, entertaining, informative trip between Whittier & Anchorage
This is the best way to get from the cruise ship disembarking in Whittier, to Anchorage. It’s efficient, effective, and convenient (bus picks up just outside of dock). The drive through the tunnel was one-of-a-kind. No fancy tunnel façade here… nothing but darkness and cut rock. The majority of the trip was narrated by a humorous and informative recording. Along with the beautiful Alaskan scenery, it made the 90-minute trip pass quickly.

Via Tripadvisor

September 7, 2017

Comfortable, on time, and educational!
We used this service to take us from the Star Princess cruise port in Whittier, AK to the airport in Anchorage. It was less expensive than a transfer from the ship. The narrative was great! We learned a lot about what we saw on the ride. Seats were very comfy, too.

Via Tripadvisor

September 8, 2017

Very efficient service
Coming off the ship it was then a stress free next step to finding the ACT representative in the terminal who gave us clear directions to our waiting bus.Our bus driver was very personable and made the trip to Whittier entertaining and informative. I would recommend ACT to anyone needing shuttle transport.

Via Tripadvisor

September 26, 2017

Alaskan family adventure
ACT provided a great trip to our cruiseport in Whittier from Anchorage. It was reasonably priced, beautiful and informative. I would recommend them to anyone traveling in this area.

Via Tripadvisor

September 5, 2018

Trip to Anchorage

Our bus driver / tour guide was awesome. We were picked up our ship and were taking on a trip around Anchorage, very beautiful. Told about the history. Driver was very interesting to listen to.

Via Tripadvisor

September 7, 2018

ACT bus transfer to Seward

This was a a pleasurable experience with a knowledgeable driver who gave alot of information and personal stories about the area. On time at the hotel..watch for the bus as we did not see him come into the lobby or the bus pull up as there were other busses in front of the hotel as well.

Via Tripadvisor

September 8, 2018

Efficient , Friendly and Helpful

Transfer from Whittier to Anchorage went like Clockwork. Commentary was very good and we saw Beluga Whales, White Swans en route. What a bonus!

Via Tripadvisor

September 8, 2018

Transfer from Whittier to Anchorage

I’d highly recommend ACT- they were much more cost effective than the cruise ship transfer offers and the driver was very entertaining. The booking process was very easy and the bus was waiting when we arrived.

Via Tripadvisor

September 8, 2018

Great way to get from AMHS into Anchorage

Driver met us at the Whittier ferry terminal and was very organized. Bus was comfortable. Driver provided informative and entertaining commentary during the trip. Multiple drop-off points in Anchorage.

Via Tripadvisor

September 9, 2018

Excellent Service

The tour guide on the bus was very informative and made the trip from Whittier to the Anchorage airport very interesting. We thought it was a just a bus trip to the airport but it was so much more! A great value.

Via Tripadvisor

September 13, 2018

Cruise ship to Anchorage

We found our bus right off the boat. Staff helped direct us where we needed to go. They took our bags and put them under the bus. Great service and very informative host. Great value! Learned about the area, saw Beluga whales off the road.

Via Tripadvisor

September 16, 2018

Transfer to Anchorage from Whittier
ACT was great! Punctual-narrator on bus was fantastic. Learned a lot about Anchorage & surrounding area (including little known tidbits of info). Also provided suggestions on places to visit & dine in city. Definitely would use again.

Via Tripadvisor

September 17, 2018

Ship to Anchorage Transfer

The ACT service was professional, efficient and quick. The coach was comfortable, clean and spacious.

Via Tripadvisor

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